Off Road Jib

The Off Road Jib is something very unique to Adrian Croome. We can offer two options with these modified John Deere Gators. The go anywhere 6×4 Diesel gator or the silent electric buggy. Both vehicles have been used to huge success on a variety of productions. They now make previously impossible locations possible and offer excellent value to production achieving so many setups. The jewel in the Off Road Jib crown has been Springwatch, since 2010 we have been creating jib shots, from multiple positions all over large nature reserves all within 1 hour on live TV. Sometimes traveling close to a mile between shots, getting ready quickly for the next link. From Springwatch came the development of the electric buggy. This now allows us to do the opening shot and as the presenters continue we reposition silently just meters away from the live broadcast. This has allowed us to achieve even more setups in the show. Another bonus of the electric buggy is on large multi camera projects where we can reposition without effecting other units filming and of course on sites where minimal disruption is required.