Location Jib

Location shooting can find you in all sortsĀ of environments. We have built up our equipment and experience over the years to cover all demands the client might have. Be it a back garden of a terrace house or a sprawling garden of a stately home, we have the kit for the job. In addition to the jib we offer two options of wheeled base, the three wheeled base for smaller sizes of jib and tighter spots, this has been converted with additional support legs for added security. The second base is the larger four wheel base. This is used for larger jibs (24ft up) and on rougher terrain. It allows safe repositioning across uneven surfaces. This base then can go onto track. With the custom made roll on roll off track sections it takes just moments to get on and off track, speeding up repositions enormously. We have 40ft of Jib track but it is possible to use standard dolly track with this base too.